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gekeurd door gites de wallonie
Guarantee 400 €
Costs Tourist tax: included
Water: included
Electricity: 0.75 € per kWh as consumed
Petrol: 1.4 € per liter as consumed
Litter: 5 € per bag
Final Cleaning: 95 €
Options Jacuzzi: 250 €

Midweek: Monday 17h00 till Friday morning 10h30
Weekend :Friday evening from 17h00 till Sunday evening 19h00
week (option 1):Friday evening from 17h00 till Friday morning 10h30
week (option 2):Monday 17h00 till Sunday evening 19h00

Because of the character of the house and its environment, the house is not rented to groups of youngsters and bachelor parties are not permitted.

Note: pricing only valid with direct booking through this site. In case of booking through third parties, princing as given by this party will prevail.


The reservation is confirmed after signature of the contract and the payment of the deposit, representing 30% of the rent. This must be done within ten days after receipt of the contract. Otherwise, the property will be released again for rent.

Payment of balance, charges and guarantee.

30 days before the start of the stay the balance, the guarantee (including the advance on charges) of € 400 and final cleaning (95 €) need to be paid.

The guarantee is paid back within 14 days after the stay, after deduction of the charges as stipulated.

Payments must always be done on account number BE44 9731 7559 0545. For making our administration easier, please also mention the start date of your stay in the comment field of the wire-transfer.


Rue Léon Demars, 33, 5575 Rienne (Gedinne)
GPS Coordinates: 49°59’44”N 4°53’30” E

What to bring with you?

Do not forget to bring the following items yourself:
  • Sheets, Down blanket covers and pillowcases (unprotected down blankets and pillows are provided)
  • Towels & washcloths
  • Kitchen towels
  • Toilet paper (usually limited supply is present)
  • Dishwashing cubes

What is provided?

  • Kitchen utensils: pots pans cutlery, glasses etc ..
  • Some non-perishable small foods such as herbs, sugar, tea, coffee, oil, ..
  • Down blankets and pillows (without covers)
  • For the youngest: cot, changing pad, baby bath, baby and toddler chair, toilet bowl, microwave.
  • Cleaning utensils and products
With regard to non-perishable small foods, the principle applies: "You take something and you leave something", so you may fill up some of the stock level for the next guest.


The key can be picked up in the village at the following address. (French-speaking only, so maybe you might need some practice)
  • Jocelyne Selec, Rue Léon Matthieu 44, Rienne tel 061 587 172, mobile 0476 713 926
Before getting there, please make a quick phone call to report the estimated arrival time.

On arrival

  • Check on arrival if everything is as expected and there are no defects.

During your stay

  • There are leaflets available for possible tourist excursions, as well as a walking map of the area. These will of course stay available also to the next tenant.
  • There is a strict non-smoking policy.
  • Use the radiators in the basement (indoor play area) only if needed. This to avoid unnecessary heating costs.
  • In case of overload, the main fuse can be reactivated in the garage. Firmly press the button on the meter box.

Sleeping and washing

  • Sheets, pillowcases, down blanket covers (unprotected down blankets available) and / or sleeping bags, towels, kitchen towels need to be brought. Any cleaning costs due to non-use of sheets or pillowcases will be deducted from the guarantee.
  • There is a washing machine, iron and ironing board for a small laundry. Laundry powder should be brought along.

Use of the terrace

  • Villa Irene is located in one of the quietest areas of Belgium, and every sound is heard over several kilometers. Therefore, with respect for the neighbors' night sleep, it is forbidden forbidden to use the terrace after 22h00. In case of complaints, the full guarantee will be withheld and you will be asked to leave the property immediately.

Use of the fireplace

  • The fireplace can be used to create an enjoyable evening. If you wish to buy wood, this can be purchased from the concierge. Please ask for a week in advance, and pay off immediately with the concierge on arrival.
  • When using the fireplace, do not forget to open the valve. If forgotten, the fire alarm will be activated.

Use of the Hottub (optional)

It is possible to rent a Hottub for 4 people. When rented, the hottub will be prepared so that it is filled with (hot) water on arrival. The hottub has a heating and filter system, so that it is available for the entire duration of the stay. When the hottub is not in use, leave the cover on the tub, as to save energy (the tub is electrically heated) For safety reasons, follow also the following instructions:
  • Children under the age of 16 should always be supervised by an adult. A hottub is not a splash bath..
  • No drinking glasses or other sharp / fragile objects in the tub. Use only plastic drinking glasses


    reen waste may be deposited in the garden on the compost heap. Paper and Glass (washed out) may be deposited in the basement in the designated area. Remaining residual waste is charged at 5 € per bag. These costs are deducted from the guarantee

At time of departure

Please respect the time of departure. We would like to make the house also clean and tidy for our next guests. Depending on the day of departure, please vacate the property before the time as stated below (unless otherwise agreed):
  • Departure on a weekday (Monday-Friday): before 10h30
  • Departure on Sundays or on days of extended weekend: before 19h00
When you leave the property, please pay attention to the following:
  • Set the thermostat (living) in the fully off position
  • Switch off electrical appliances (especially electric heating!)
  • Switch off the lights
  • Close all windows
  • Empty the refrigerator
  • Clean used appliances (oven, microwave, etc.)
  • All vegetable and fruit waste on the compost heap in the back of the garden
  • The dishwasher emptied and the kitchen utensils back on their place
  • Leave the house in a decent condition (brush clean)
  • Return the key to the concierge
  • Report any damage

In case of problems

  • Patrick and Griet (property owners): tel 016 35 07 58, mobile phone 0495 59 27 68
  • Jocelyne (local concierge): tel 061 587 172, mobile phone 0476 713 926

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